Ride Report Updates–Kitchen Creek and Del Mar Rides

Hi All,

Below are a couple of short ride reports for recent group rides. The photo links are below each ride report.

Labor Day Ride-Kitchen Creek-7 September 2015

Tony proposed we go ride Kitchen Creek for Labor Day. Seemed like a lot of work to me for a day off work, but I love that climb; I was in. We met at Casa Voris where Dave was out front hawking his undersized Rudy helmets. He opted not to join us for the ride. There were 8 riders so we piled into two cars and drove out to the store off Highway 79 to begin our ride. Waiting for us were Neil and Justin. That gave us a total of ten riders to start the ride: Len, Marci, Jeff L, Tony, Sheehan, Hodges, Richard and me, along with Neil & Justin. We headed to Guatay along Old Highway 80, descending into Pine Valley. As we neared the bottom, we saw a Descenders kit climbing up towards us. It was Chad Markham, who now lives in Pine Valley. Great to see Chad again. He was riding strong as usual. We climbed up toward S1 where Jeff L turned up. Jeff was riding to Julian to see his daughter play in a concert.

The rest of us went over I-8 and headed east on S1 toward Kitchen Creek. By this time I was already separated from the group. They sped off while I fell farther and farther behind. It was a beautiful morning so I enjoyed the views while my legs suffered. The group hit Kitchen Creek well in front of me. I climbed up slowly and saw a few bikes on the higher switchbacks as I made my way past the first gate. Tony sent out his ride from early this year to show our route. He was in the middle of his chemo and did the Kitchen Creek segment in about 1:30. I barely beat that time when I got the the top, hit S1 and rode toward the Mt Laguna store. Everyone was waiting for me.

I got some water, Chad headed back down S1 to home and we rolled out to go around Lake Cuyamaca. Sheehan and Marci pulled me along for many miles until Sheehan stopped for a restroom break at the first campsite as we headed back down Highway 79. I sped off, chasing the other guys well out in front. A fast descent provided a nice finish to a tough and fun loop–57 miles and over a mile of climbing. Great way to spend the day off work.


Recovery Ride-Del Mar, Solana Beach, RSF Loop-13 September 2015

The planned Sunday ride was hosted by Mike Hodges. At the start it was just me, Mike, Tony & Mike Farkas. He led us on his fun coastal cruise. We headed west on the 56 bike path and met up with Marci near Carmel Valley Road, on our way towards Del Mar. We climbed Portofino and Mango, looped our way back towards Del Mar Fairgrounds and then up Nardo in Solana Beach. We made quick stop at Java Depot before heading on Lomas Sante Fe to RSF. Mike Farkas led us on a few side roads back toward the center of town. On one steep descent we came to a left turn. I was in the very back and watched the action unfold. Brakes squealed, rear tires shifted and Tony hit some gravel with his front wheel. This caused him to go down on his left shoulder, elbow and side. He envoked Rule 5, got up and got back on his bike. We had to do some brake cover adjustments and water first-aid to remove some of the blood and gravel from his left elbow. His Descenders jersey was a bit of a mess, but he rode on.

We made it to Artesian and climbed up to CDS. Check out the photo of Tony on the climb, his jersey shows the damage from the fall. Tony and I went left at the end of Artesian Road since I planned to stop at my buddy’s house in Del Sur while Hodges, Farkas and Marci went south towards home. I waved good-bye to Tony, he was still riding well despite the fall. I swung through 4S on my way home. A nice 40 mile recovery ride with one bounce off the road. Tony will be ready for the Pedal the Cause event, rule #5.


Ride safe-

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