56 Bike Path Ride Report

56 Bike Path Ride Report-26 March 2016

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: John, Farkas, Guido, Tony, Ernst & Sheehan

I pushed myself out of my chair after finishing the last of my mocha coffee, hobbled over to my car and drove out of my neighborhood. At the bike path I walked in my slippers, bathrobe and old scrubs, past the Nick Venuto Memorial to wait for the Descenders. I was still feeling the effects of my head cold, sinus infection and cough; no riding for me today. I thought about Nick for a few moments; hard to believe it has been almost 5 years since we lost him.

The group was meeting up at Black Mountain and heading to Soledad, so they should have come by about 8:10, at the latest. My plan was to take a photo while they flew by and shuffle my way back to the car and go home. I had to get Porter to her track meet, so this was a few minutes of down time before making her breakfast.

I saw the small group of Descenders come across the bridge and climb up towards me. A number of the guys stopped to say hi. I wished Dave Sheehan Happy 53rd Birthday, coming up on Tuesday. We usually try to get in a ride the weekend closest to our birthdays. I have attached a couple of photos from previous birthday weekend rides.

The boys looked great in their new Descenders kits. I took at group photo and wave good-bye to the guys, off to tackle Soledad. I hope to feel well enough to join in for the Sunday Recovery ride.

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