Reverse BWR Route–Descenders Sightings

Hi All,

I thought the BWR route was similar to last year with the section to HVR going through 4S. I knew the planned route was to climb all the way up HVR. I had already seen lots of red arrows when I went down Ramona Grade and past Bandy Canyon on my way to Tony’s house yesterday. My plan was to ride to the top of Black Mountain Road to catch some riders.

Much to my chagrin, Carmel Valley Road did not show me any BWR riders. I pedaled over to the start of HVR, nothing. By then I suspected that the group would come across Mule Hill to get to the start of the HVR climb. I climbed up and then decided to descend Bandy, figuring I would do a reverse course meet the riders up in Ramona. On the descent of Bandy I spotted Jeff Southerton and Eileen Blasi riding toward me. I would have stopped but I planned my reverse course and knew I could not keep their fast pace anyway.

The climb up the Ramona Grade was fine but traffic was heavy; lots of cars buzzing by me. I went along West Haverford Road and then made by way toward Olive; this is the reverse route we took yesterday on our way to Pamo. I knew the leaders would be coming toward me fairly soon. I stopped at the SAG stop to confirm where the leaders were on the course, After a 10 minute wait I spotted the leaders crossing Highway 78 and coming towards the SAG. Logan Fielder was with a lead group of 6 riders. There were a couple of other small groups that came by before I decided to pedal towards the riders.

After crossing 78, a large pack was coming at me. I spotted Neil in this group. He was in the top 50 riders at the time, hope he continued to ride well. I rode to Montecito Road and looped around to get back to Main Street Ramona before taking Highway 78 to the top of HVR. About a mile from the the end of HVR I spotted Ernst in his group. My photo skills are crap but I took a picture, sorry about the blurred shot. At the corner of HVR and Archie Moore I stopped to eat and see if I could spot a few more Descenders. Nobody I knew came by but I got to cheer for many riders as they finished up the rest of HVR.

I finally pootled on along Archie Moore toward Mount Woodson Golf Club. As I neared the top of the climb past Mt Woodson I spotted a Descenders jersey riding towards me. I crossed the road to catch up with Dave Boyle. He was out on a solo ride of Mussey and then down HVR. Not sure if he saw others from the BWR event but it was good to see Dave out riding.

The rest of the ride home was slow and uneventful, just a pootle home. I got in 55 miles and took a handful of photos. Attached are a few and ones that include Logan, Neil and Ernst. I know I missed a number of other Descenders riding the BWR and the Wafer Ride. Great job out there today.


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