Five Ways Up Soledad Ride Report

Five Ways Up Soledad Ride Report-21 May 2016

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Bernie, Cresap, Guido, Proulx, Marisa, Jeff & Eileen, Oleg, John M, Hodges, Rob and Neil

Monster Climb trip training is in full swing. Oleg led us up the Five Faces of Soledad. We met Neil as we finished our first climb. Jeff, Eileen and Bob P had to bug out after the second climb up Country Club. We lost Cresap somewhere after the 3rd climb. The rest of us slogged through all the punishing ascents. By the time we got back to PQ, it was about 63 miles with 5,700 feet of elevation. Another beautiful day in San Diego for a group ride. Most Courageous Rider of the day was Marisa. She completed all 5 of the climbs up Soledad, a real trooper. Lots of good photos in the link below.

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