descenders Descenders Ride Report – Visiting Tony (22 May 2016)

Not much of a ride report, but wanted to thank everyone that came out to ride to Tony’s house today. He really enjoyed the visit and we all had some good laughs, which were well-needed after the last month. We have already given Tony a PT regimen of driveway square transits, and instructed him to post all KOMs (King of Meandering) to Strava. There were also a few friendly bets placed on how soon Tony will be on the turbo trainer and the bike.

We got a few pictures with Tony, and had some delicious cookies and other sweets courtesy of Diane and Bridget (thanks!). Tony is up and about, but has limited stamina, so this was his rest break after a little bit.

After the visit, we went our separate ways. Hodges took his new cyclocross bike onto the dirt and managed to get lost. I did Tony and my usual Friday ride up to Jesmond Dene, across, and down Centre City Parkway. Always reassuring to get several PRs and still see that I’m 32/32 on the Descenders’ list of times. Oh well, I did only eat one cookie today.

You should have come.


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