Coastal Cruise and Coronado Ride Reports

Oceanside Coastal Cruise-1 July 2017

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Rick W, Jim, Paul P, Bryan Jones, Tony, Justin, Bernie, Cresap, Hodges, Bob P, Oleg and Rob

The usual fast pace was expected for the Oceanside Coastal Cruise. We had some riders we had not seen out for a bit so started with a good sized group on the bike path. We cruised together to the coast. The splits started as we headed north through Del Mar. We regrouped in Solana Beach, only to get a major split as the group spun towards Encinitas.

Bob P was in the lead group but got spit out the back and made the turn left after Swami’s; the rest of the group had gone straight. I was back a bit and found the lead group waiting. We all stated out again but never found Bob P. Oleg did a u-turn near Carlsbad. We lost Bryan, Justin and Paul in Carlsbad when they turned back. Cresap retreated back down the coast as well. The group was reduced in size. We did pick up a strong rider, Lane. He cut some major air out front and helped pull the group along.

As we cruised into Oceanside, I took off to see if I could gap ahead. Rick W and Jim easily pulled me back at we rode by the pier. Traffic was heavy, pedestrian traffic tied up space and I hit the accelerator. I got over the bridge and spun through traffic to push towards the turnaround. I caught the guys off guard and easily made it to the circle before cruising to the bathroom for a water break. Small victory, fast trip to Oceanside.

Tony, Bernie, Jim and Rick W headed inland along the bike path; on their way to Sleeping Indian. Hodges and I rode with Lane back through Carlsbad. We picked up some Sub 5 riders and kept up a good pace until Hodges and I turned inland at La Costa. It was warming and I tried to stay with Hodges up the climb to Lago Lindo, failed. He waited for me at the top. I stopped for water in RSF and pushed to catch back up to Mike. We cruised up Three Witches and then back to the bike path. I limped home after 64 miles and only 2,600 feet of elevation. I was still feeling the Palomar ride from the previous day, 64 miles and 6,600 feet of climbing.

The real studs finished Sleeping Indian and rode over 85 miles. Great riding boys. The link shows some photos from the group ride.

Coronado-4th of July Ride-4 July 2017

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Tony, Oleg, John M, Len, Hodges, Rob, Justin (Garet’s friend), Neil and his brother, John; along with Oleg’s buddies-John, the PhD from UCSD, Nick, the IP lawyer, Kirk, the geriatric healthcare entrepreneur and Matt, the F-18 Marine pilot.

We all met at Oleg’s house on Ariane and spun south towards Balboa Park. Oleg led us through lots of hills and back streets to get down toward Chula Vista. We kept going farther south, climbed a nice steep road called Monument Hill and got to the US border. We saw the border fence and Tijuana just across a little valley; a border patrol truck was just off to the left.

We experienced multiple flats, Kirk had two and his tire was bad, so near Imperial Beach he abandoned and grabbed an Uber home. The rest of us pedaled along to the bike path towards Coronado. Oleg led the group into Coronado on the main road while Hodges and I stayed on the busy path all the way to Hotel Del. After a quick regroup, we headed for the ferry boat to take us back to downtown. We lost more of Oleg’s friends who were visiting family and friends on Coronado.

The remainder of the group pedaled from the Convention Center to Little Italy. Neil and his brother, John, had to get home so only Oleg, Len, John, Hodges, Justin and Rob stopped for coffee and a snack. We relaxed on the patio and finally got motivated to ride the rest of the way back to Oleg’s. The final hill up hurt lots but Oleg had beer ready for our thirsty bodies. It was a fun 60 mile ride. Photos in the link below.

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