Five Faces of Soledad Ride Report

Five Faces of Soledad Ride Report-8 July 2017

by Bernie Bogard

Riders: Hodges, Jeff Callahan, Bob P, Bernie, Len, Neil and Rob

Caught up to the group at El Camino Real finding Bob P, Rob V, Hodges and Jeff, a triathlete out to try a group Descenders ride. Soon after, Rob had shifter problems and after pushing himself up the inside Torrey climb he headed off to Trek for repairs. Bob P pushed 400+ watts at times up the same climb.We met Len and Neil as well as Tony (Guido’s son in law to be, he didn’t join the group) at the Torrey Pines bananas. Off to Soledad via La Jolla Shores for the usual climbs with Neil leading the way on each, surprise surprise. Bob P and Jeff headed back east after the first climb, Hodges claimed he needed to go to the airport on his bike, wearing his lycra, saying something about getting through the TSA to meet his daughter. Down to a mere three, Len led us up the third climb, then Neil pushed it on Pacifica and I meekly offered to forego the Valverde climb but Len and Neil would not hear of it so off we went. A bit humid but a fun day on the bike. Below link shows a few photos from early in the ride.

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