Lake Wohlford & Couser Canyon Ride Report

Lake Wohlford & Couser Canyon Ride Report-15 July 2017

by Bernie Bogard

The group met up at North County Fair including Len, John M, Bob P, big Rick, Eric and Bernie. Rob was said to be on the DL related to a rib injury sustained in some peculiar manner; he abandoned on the ride with Bob trying to get to the start. Bob P pushed up Mary Lane, then on the way to Wohlford we saw some Ranchos repairing a bike then Dave Ernst materialized from nowhere to join for a bit, depart to reacquaint with Cole Grade, then again join us at Gopher Canyon/395 before heading home to San Marcos. Dave was aggressive on the climb up Wohlford to the regroup. Eric paced the group from the break at the lake, then by Woods Valley. Rick took over doing an amazing pull basically all the way to Valley Center road. Much attrition as John M was MIA never to be seen, Bob P turned back from Wohlford, Eric wasn’t feeling it by the end of Woods Valley. Len, Rick and I trundled through Valley Center to Couser, enjoyed the descent then 76/neighborhood to Old 395 climb. Ran into Ranchos ,including Jordan Babb, at the store on 395, then finished off on the rest of 395 with some merciful cloud cover, through the stoplights of Escondido to Center City Parkway and North County Fair where Len and I said goodbye to Rick who rode home to Poway. 55ish miles/3800 ft climbing. No photos so you will just have to trust us that the ride actually happened; also check out all our Strava cups!

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