Oleg’s Boston Snow Ride Report

Boston Snow Ride

East coast had very mild winter this year – until now. December, January and February were more like March, with no snow and temperatures in upper 40ies. 

The winter has finally arrived in Boston! – First few days of March have been more like December or January. There was no way to ride on the road today, since Boston area has had about 5 inches of snowfall yesterday (at least in Northwestern suburbs of Boston). So I decided to take my brother’s hardtail MTB for a 2-hour spin – including some bike paths and forest trails. With fresh snow, it was difficult to turn over pedals, going as slow as 7-8 mph on flat trails, at fairly hard effort, judging by my heart rate and heavy breathing!

Paved bike path was a lot faster (since there was a lot less snow there). I stopped for a coffee and pastries in Lexington Peet’s and headed back, with some trail exploration on the way. The front derailleur got frozen with packed snow that turned into ice and stopped working in the final 5 miles. Icicles formed on all exposed surfaces, including cables, brakes, bottom bracket area – the small ring was completely covered in packed snow/ice. It’s a wonder the drive train was still semi-functioning at all. After application of a few gallons of warm water and the bike is finally “defrosted”. Tomorrow will be warm (upper 40ies) so most of the snow is going to disappear by Sunday.

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