Descenders Ride Report for Sat, Mar. 3-Mussey Grade and Pamo Road

Hi Guys,

We had a great group ride last Sat.  The large group of 15 riders met at the 7-11 store on Poway and Garden Roads.  We had some new faces and returning regulars.  We also had our international teammate, Bill Wood, who was back in country from Melbourne.  The day was warm and sunny, a great way to start a Descenders ride.  The group took a mellow pace up SPP and we stayed together along 67 to the top of Mt Woodson.  The pace quickened a bit as we pulled toward Mussey Grade.  The two Matt’s–Babb and Davis-kept up a brutal pull.  The large group dove into the curvy roads down Mussey Grade with most all the guys taking turns at the front.  We flew to the finish to enjoy the spectacular view overlooking the reservoir.  I turned around to start the ride back up while most of the guys took in the views.  I thought I would have a nice easy climb with the head start but within the first mile the “peleton” blew by me.  I grabbed the last wheel and hid in the back while the guys pedaled hard up the climb.

Folks had to split at the top of Mussey.  Bob R and Dan S went back down 67.  Sheehan, Bob P and I went down HVR.  The other 10 riders headed along Dye Road on their way to Pamo.  Keith James was out riding with his wife, Joyce, when the gang sped down Pamo.  I heard the bomb down was again exciting.  The Strava entries had all the guys over 60-65 miles for the day.  Sheehan was determined to take advantage of the slight Santa Ana wind and recapture the KOM on the HVR descent.  Bob and I took a more conservative descent and we regrouped down by Lake Hodges.  Sheehan just missed taking back the KOM crown; probably due to the big pulls down Mussey Grade earlier.  He headed for home while Bob P and I sent back through 4S Ranch.  I finished with 55 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing.  Here are a few photos.

On Sunday, Cresap and I explored San Diego Country Estates off of San Vincente Road.  We just took a right turn off of Dye Road and went back into the neighborhoods.  We found the route that connects you to Old Julian Hwy, some great climbing.  I will propose to the new route committee to go to Old Julian Road via this route soon.  We could venture to the end of Ramona Oaks Road to add more mileage before heading up toward Old Julian–lots of possibilities.  The winds were up a bit and Jeff did most of the pulling into the wind.  The route back down Poway Grade was pretty quick with the tailwind.  I got home with 59 miles and 4,400 feet of climbing–good weekend in the saddle!

I have not yet learned to blog like Oleg.  I will try to post this report to our team blog.

Ride on-


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