descenders Ride Report – Sunday Dirt Bike 1.25.15


We had Descenders all over SD County today, per Strava, with a few of us riding our Dirt Bikes.

Myself, Bryan Jones, Rob, Jeff Cresap and John gathered at the Pomerado Road/RB Road intersection at 8:00am.

The plan evolved into riding along Lake Hodges on the upper trail, followed by the dirt segment along Del Dios (opposite direction of the ’14 BWR route), down to unmamed river crossing, on to the Lusardi Trail, and ending the dirt ride at Black Mountain Park. Sounds so easy!

John hit the road at Lake Hodges leaving me Rob, Bryan and Cresap to hit the dirt. This was Cresap’s second "new" trail dirt ride this week and he’s enjoying these new and exciting routes, much better than this "millions of rides on the same old dirt PQ" trails muttered.

Bryan is enjoying this new Intense Hard Trail 29er. Rob was on his sick black carbon Santa Cruz 29er, promptly bought right after my 50th Birthday ride (which Rob proclaimed "My (15 year old) 26er mountain bike is perfectly fine for my riding," then he rode my 29er and it was all over! Rob’s bike was eerily clean at the start of the ride, I’m not sure it’s ever been ridden in the dirt ’till today. Of course his Cervelo road bike has lots and lots of dirt miles…

The route is flat by SD standards. Fast and "flowing" is how I call this circular route. Still, I ended up with 31 miles and 2,800 feet of climbing so not really flat.

No soils samples (inside joke) were taken by any of us, and even finished around 11:00 am so a good dirt ride. SD has both amazing road and dirt bike riding opportunities, in basically the same part of town. Very unique. Ideal "winter" weather as well.

Enjoy the pics, and even a quick vid of me and Bryan climbing the cook switches.

You should have come!

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