Ride Report Jan 31, 2015

We had a total of 17 descenders on our ride yesterday. 18 if you count Denise who we briefly crossed paths with, as she was riding in the opposite direction by lake Hodges.We had a growing european representation with Hermann bringing along three new riders along, Deke and two Stephanes (convenient, even though a bit confusing at times).
So now we had a brit, two frenchmen, a germans, an austrian, an irishman and a ukrainian – 7 euro riders – and thats even without Rick B., Jeff S. or Bryan T.!
The pace was steady and hard at times but without much surging. Roads were a bit wet around RSF, and there was even a threat of a drizzle as we rolled through Del Dios but it quickly passed. At the Shell stop by Lake Hodges some riders decided not to continue towards HVR, while Hodges lead a euro-expedition along the dirt, through Mule section, while the rest of us rode the normal route. We still had more than a dozen riders, majority europeans, along HVR and Mussey grade. Larry cleverly outpursuited everyone down Mussey – he was also the fastest up HVR. They repaved some lower sections of Mussey by the way, making it a much less dicey descend.

We split off and scattered after completing Mussey out-and-back, with some riders going back via HVR, some stopping for drinks and food at the 67 market. The sun was out and it was a nice day on a bike.

You should have come!
Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/109410926478548321411/20150131?authkey=Gv1sRgCLyRyoqI2tWOeA

A few quick announcements:
1. Guido, Hodges, Ernst, Rick B. and I went to watch Spy movies (there were actually 4 short movies shown – we spotted Larry and Claus a few times making cameos during BWR documentary). Very inspiring and well-produced, and I especially enjoyed Q&A with Adam Bickett, who talked about his RAW ride in 2014 where he finished 2nd and his preparation for RAAM later this year. Mind-blowing details!
2. Registration for BWR will open this coming Tuesday, so be quick and alert and it may fill up within hours, if not minutes, this year. There is also a shorter version of BWR course, called Belgian Wafer Ride, but come on – we gotta do the full Waffle version.
3. Photo contest guesses are due tonight. It may be difficult for some (despite this being one of the most recent photos I have featured – hint!), but I already got two correct answers, and some people think this one is an easy one! Keep working on it while watching Super Bowl.
4. We ride Montezuma next weekend – it will be Legendary!

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