Skive Ride Report–29 January 2015

Thursday Jan 29- Irish Skive

by Dave Sheehan

Tony O’Gorman and David O’Sheehan met for a weekday skive on Thursday two weeks ago. The morning air was cool as we headed out on what is becoming a standard skive loop. We mounted lower HVR and made quick work of the hairpins to get to Bandy. Down Bandy I followed Tony as he indicated he was going to take it easy on the descent – not true. We took it easy out Bandy and stopped at the local farm for Tony to get some work in on one of the tractors (see attached picture). His skills earned him the irishhillbilly award. Across 78 we turned left on Milky Way and then zigged over to summit and the short climb up summit. We worked our way over to citrus with some backroad exploring and Tony filling me in on his current work which will ultimately find its way into some performance vehicles- very cool. El Norte to Broadway to Jesmond Dene and then back to Downtown Escondido where we stopped for the best almond croissants ever at the Delight of France café in Escondido. They were the best ever because they were the last two. I notched 45 miles, 2300 feet of climbing and some great calories. Tony was the same plus he cut some hay. A great day to be a Descender – join us next time.


David Sheehan


Cloudbreak Capital

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